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KN Helicopters provides helicopter transportation for crews and their equipment when they e.g. are to move to and from their workplaces on offshore installations or vessels, or when technicians are to do repairs or maintenance on offshore substations. Compared to other transportation alternatives, KN Helicopters offers the advantages of flexibility, short response times, time-savings for offshore crews, and comfort – particularly when seas are rough. 

Offshore transport

We fly crews to offshore installations/substations at wind farms in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and Kattegat.

Transport to vessels

KN Helicopters provides quick and easy transport of crews and their equipment to vessels.

Competent ground crew

Our experienced ground crews plan, prepare and coordinate every flight with our customers’ marine coordination and surveillance units, and KN’s own flight crew. If dangerous goods have to be carried on board, our ground crews pack and handle this as well, as they all are qualified Accepters and Shippers of dangerous goods. 

Relax before departure

When the passengers have been registered before flight, they may use the time until departure in our lounge area.