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Flight Instructor on EC135 & EC120 helicopter

Flight instructor rating and requirements

​For your flight instructor rating, you must be at least 18 years of age by the time you apply for your licence.

You are also required 250 hours of total flight time on helicopters, of which:

  • 100 hours should be PIC if you hold at least a CPL(H).
  • 200 hours PIC if you hold a PPL(H) and have completed the CPL(H) theory exams.
  • 20 hours PIC should be VFR cross-country flying.
  • 10 hours of instrument flight instruction should have been received.
  • Your FI(H) flight instructor rating training course starts with a pre-entry flight test. You receive 25 hours of ground school on methods of teaching and learning, plus 100 hours of theoretical knowledge and instruction and will be held as a combination of homework and preparation for the briefings you have to present before each flight. We'll give you 30 hours of flight instruction on effective teaching methods, which gets you to the standard where you feel comfortable teaching your own students how to fly.

​Finally, you will take a AofC test to demonstrate to a TBST/CAA approved examiner that you possess the knowledge and flying ability to teach the next generation of pilots with your new flight instructor rating.This course has to be done within 6 months from the Pre-entry flight test.

All our courses is conducted according to our approval and the rules of EASA.

For enquiries please contact KN ATO at: ato@knheli.dk

DSC00612-1.jpgTraining session in our EC135