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Our helicopter services include among others helicopter transport at crew changes to offshore installations and vessels, hoist operations to wind turbines and vessels, inspections and audits of infrastructure, helicopter external sling load operations (HESLO) in e.g. environmental sensitive areas, and VIP-flights. In addition, we offer our expertise in building helicopter bases with operational facilities including a helipad and fuel tank system.

Hoist operation

KN Helicopters is a supplier of hoist operations to offshore wind farms, vessels, platforms among others.

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Crew change & transportation

KN Helicopters transports crews and equipment to offshore platforms, installations and vessels.

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External Sling Load

We can assist you find the right solutions if you have odd-sized objects to be transported or if you are to operate in environmental sensitive areas.

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Inspection flights

We perform inspection flights of e.g. power lines, gas/oil pipelines, wind turbine blades as well as inspections and audits of wind turbine baskets and helipads on offshore substations.

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We are approved by the Danish authorities to perfom HHOP, HLO and HHO training for offshore operations, as well as external sling load training.

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