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KN Helicopters is specialized in performing helicopter external sling load operations (HESLO). 
KN Helicopters’ very competent team of pilots and ground crews are experts in transporting and lifting odd sized or large objects in various environments by helicopter. Using KN’s helicopters for these assignments saves time and resources for our customers as well as protects highly sensitive environmental areas. 

Source: Youtube video by Ken Sloth Rasmussen

Antenna in Aalborg

KN Helicopters transported and lifted an antenna to be mounted on top of a 200 m tall radio tower in Aalborg. It takes thorough planning, skills and know-how of the capacity of the helicopter to perform this kind of precision flight. 

Power line grid - Vejlerne

In the Danish environmental sensitive wildlife area the "Vejlerne” covering an area of 60 km2 in the northern part of Jutland, it was decided to remove part of the power line grid running through the area. KN Helicopters’ crew removed the pylons while protecting the highly sensitive environment.

Wildlife border fence

To avoid wild pigs crossing the Danish borders from Germany with a risk of them carrying the dangerous swine fever, it was decided to put up a fence along the border through the environmental sensitive, hard to reach area in the southern part of Jutland. KN Helicopters was assigned to lift and transport the more than 30 tons of materials from 2 destinations in Padborg to 3 different drop-off zones in the sensitive area. Besides being cost-efficient, and a time-saving, the sensitive area was protected, and the helicopter solution saved valuable CO2-emmissions compared to other alternatives. 

Central city sling - Aarhus

When Generationernes Hus in Aarhus, Denmark needed building materials for the new roof terrace, it was not possible to use traditional cranes due to space and infrastructural limitations.

They therefore needed an alternative solution and KN Helicopters was able to provide safe, fast and trouble-free sling assistance to get the job successfully done.

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Teamwork of the highest level

HESLO requires thorough planning, experience and skills from pilots and ground crew in order to perform this kind of operation. There is a very close cooperation and communication between the flight- and ground crew when working with these assignments in the field. Safety is always top priority.