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Training is the foundation for having a safe operation.

As safety is core in KN Helicopters, we have a comprehensive training program for our own staff, conducted annually, as well as for our customers, adapted to the specific flight task. KN Helicopters' team of instructors are very experienced and have operated in the field for many years.

Our training department has developed training programs, and we are approved by the Danish aviation authorities, to conduct training of crews and passengers for the offshore industry (HHOP and HLO), training of our own pilots and hoist operators (HHO), as well as training of our ground crew in helicopter external sling load operations (HESLO).

The training is performed in our training facilities at KN Helicopters in Esbjerg.

HHOP training

Before being hoisted to a wind turbine, all passengers are trained in HHOP “Helicopter Hoist Operations Passenger”. The training is a combination of thorough theoretical as well as practical hoist training. KN has a full- sized mock-up of the turbine basket for training.   

HLO training

Our HLO “Helicopter Landing Officer” training provides the HLO with the basic knowledge, skills and attitude to ensure safety in helicopter handling on offshore helidecks. The HLO is trained in his duties and responsibilities, in helicopter procedures, and receives a comprehensive knowledge in e.g. fire extinguishing, radio communication and available offshore rescue equipment on or in the vicinity of the helideck. 

Internal training and education

KN Helicopters has a comprehensive training program for our own pilots and hoist operators. The annual training completion is filed at KN Helicopters ensuring that we are always current and ready for our flight operational tasks.  

KN’s Helicopter External Sling Load Operations (HESLO) training provides our ground crew with a thorough theoretical as well as practical training in e.g. understanding the external sling load operation, responsibilities, communication, hand signals, procedures and safety practices. KN’s highly experienced and qualified flight crew as well as our ground crew have an extensive knowledge in performing external sling load operations.