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TRI(H) Single Pilot Multi Engine Prerequisites (FCL.915.TRI)

Before commencing any training, any applicant without FI(H) rating must:

  • have completed at least 500 hours as pilot of helicopters, and
  • 100 hours PIC of Single Pilot Multi Engine helicopters

Before commencing any training any applicant with FI(H) rating must:

  • meet the TRI requirements of Part.FCL

The TRI(H) course consists of:

  • 5 hours of flight instruction with a qualified instructor and pass the AofC with a CAA / TBST approved examiner

FCL.910 TRI(H) shall be extended to further types when the TRI has:

  • Completed the appropriate type technical part of the TRI(H) course on the type of helicopter and
  • conducted at least 2 hours of flight instructions on the applicable type under supervision of an adequately qualified TRI(H)
  • and passed the relevant AofC in accordance with FCL.935

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