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Welcome to KN Helicopters

KN Helicopters was established in 2013 as an alternative to existing helicopter operators, primarily in the Danish market. 

KN Helicopters supplies helicopter solutions primarily to the green energy sector, which is a highly dynamic and growing market with still changing market conditions, challenging the sector to adapt to and accommodate new requirements. Consequently, flexibility and reliability are some of the key words characterizing this market when it comes to optimizing resources.

KN Helicopters’ strength and business concept accommodate these requirements as we are specialized in delivering flexible, reliable and safe helicopter solutions, tailored to meet our customers’ requirements and needs to adapt to the changing market conditions.

Our services

Our helicopter services include among others helicopter transport at crew changes to offshore installations and vessels, hoist operations to wind turbines and vessels, inspections and audits of infrastructure, helicopter external sling load operations (HESLO) in e.g. environmental sensitive areas, and VIP-flights. In addition, we offer our expertise in building helicopter bases with operational facilities including a helipad and fuel tank system.


KN PART 145 Maintenance on EC120 and EC135

Furthermore, KN Helicopters provides maintenance services at our Part-145 maintenance workshop. For the time being, we are approved to perform maintenance on the helicopter types EC120 and EC135/H135 and H145. 


KN ATO Pilot education and training

As a new line of business, we have established an Approved Training Organization, KN ATO / DK 048. For a start, we’ll focus on providing type ratings, instructor type ratings on H145/ EC135/H135 and EC120, as well as instrument ratings and flight instructor certificates.

KN Helicopters' flexibility, reliability, safety- and solution-oriented concept and approach, is entirely due to our very experienced and dedicated KN team of specialists, who will do their utmost to find the right helicopter solution to meet your request, without compromising safety at any time. We have a fleet of helicopter types of sizes and functionality supporting our concept and a Part-M and Part-145 ensuring always airworthy aircraft and serviceable equipment. And with our bases in Esbjerg and Roskilde, respectively, we have a good basis for serving you at any time.



We are ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified

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Let's work together!

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