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Using KN Helicopters for inspections and surveillance provides multiple advantages for our customers. It provides our customers with the ability to visually inspect a power line or an oil/gas pipeline over a long distance in a relatively short time, enabling the customer to rapidly detect and evaluate a failure or problem. At the same time our helicopters can reach difficult objects, such as a turbine blade or a basket on top of a turbine, or inaccessible and sensitive areas with a minimum environmental impact.

Inspection of power lines

Should a failure occur on a power line, KN is ready within short notice to fly along the power lines enabling the inspector safely and efficiently to find the breach or error. 

Inspection of pipelines

Surveillance of oil- and gas pipelines on land or over water with KN’s helicopters saves time and provides the inspector with an easy overview from above when looking for potential leaks or structural failures that need repair. 

Inspections and audits

When constructing turbines in a wind farm, the basket on top of the turbine is easily attended and checked by the inspector from KN’s helicopter before being released for use.

KN Helicopters performs audits on turbine baskets and helipads on offshore substations.

Inspection of turbine blades

Maintenance and inspection of the blades of a wind turbine is carried out from KN’s helicopter flying vertically along the blades, enabling the inspector to take photographs of the wing to detect and document any cracks or damages.