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KN Helicopters delivers expertise and many years’ of experience in hoist operations, primarily in the Danish and German wind farms. We provide our customers with a flexible and strong logistic solution, as we are available 24/7 all year round within a short time of notice, we move technicians, equipment and tools to and between wind turbines quickly and efficiently and directly on to the nacelle, and we operate also in challenging weather- and wave conditions.   


The technicians are hoisted down on to the nacelle of a 80 m high wind turbine together with tools and other equipment. Special KN hoist training is required.

Hoisting requires a close cooperation between pilot and hoist operator. 

Rescue missions

Should an accident happen, and a technician working on the turbine be badly injured, KN Helicopters is ready to assist. KN’s team of pilots and hoist operators trains in rescue missions, which include handling a stretcher should this be required. The stretcher is transferred from helicopter to the wind turbine. After being secured on the stretcher, the injured person can then be hoisted up into the helicopter and flown directly to the hospital. 


When the water temperature is low, offshore survival suits are required in addition to hoist harness, helmet and other personal protection equipment (PPE). The survival suits for crews are stored at KN Helicopters.