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Theoretical courses


Teaching and Learning course (TAL)

KN ATO conducts 3-days’ (25 hours) “Teaching and Learning” courses at the KN premises at Esbjerg Airport.

The course will provide you with thorough instructional concepts, knowledge and techniques, as well as methods to prepare and deliver training courses in an efficient and effective way. The training course is a combination of theory and practical exercises.

The “Teaching and Learning” course diploma, which you will receive after having completed the course, is part of the qualification requirements for both the Flight Instructor as well as the Instrument Rating Instructor (H) courses. 

For more information and when the next course is scheduled, please contact KN ATO.

The course contents:

  • Learning process
  • Teaching process
  • Techniques of applied instruction
  • Student evaluation and testing
  • Training program development
  • Human performance and limitations relevant to flight instruction
  • Hazards involved in Simulating System Failures and Malfunctions in the aeroplane/helicopter during flight
  • Training administration